By Dermott, Brigit

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Animosity means resentment or hostility, therefore love is the opposite 192. c. exact means in complete accordance with fact, or correct, therefore incorrect is the opposite 193. d. extravagant means lacking in restraint and moderation, therefore moderate is the opposite 194. a. stamina means strength or endurance, therefore weakness is the opposite 195. b. rough means having an uneven, coarse surface; sleek means having a smooth, bright surface 196. c. to garner means to gather or to store; to squander means to cause to disperse or to scatter 197.

C. d. intervene overreach displace follow 179. exigent austerity rope fix excess a. b. c. d. 174. discrete a. b. c. d. imply fret assail recalcitrant urgent treatise miser expedient 180. fervid leave diminish squander distinct a. b. c. d. 35 delightful difficult obstinate ardent 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 181. ersatz a. b. c. d. 184. propinquity chaotic artificial impromptu vague a. b. c. d. 182. redolent a. b. c. d. 185. vociferous ubiquitous odorous shy bellicose a. b. c. d. 183. turpitude a.

D. 144. gainsay is most opposite to a. b. c. d. regret own prudent prude order freeze patron sustain 150. eclat is most opposite to 145. effluvium is most opposite to a. b. c. d. land essential fragrance solid 28 a. b. c. d. apathy dullness silence disinterest 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 111. a. to detain means to hold or keep back; to release means to let go 112. c. famous means widely known; obscure means little known 113. b. colossal means incredibly large, therefore tiny is the opposite 114.

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