By Erna E. Kritzinger

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36 During the entire procedure, inject viscomet, sufficiently to keep anterior chamber well formed. During the first clockwise rotation procedure, if the nucleus does not appear into anterior chamber easily, or if you see that the nucleus recoils back into its original position, it signifies that there is an 1. Adhesion or 2. Small pupil (undilated). 3. Small rhexis. Adhesions Fig. , the site of adhesion, it is better to avoid unnecessary venture, do the well practiced procedure, planned ECCE and nucleus delivery by squeezing the equator of the nucleus out.

3. Depress the posterior scleral lip so that nucleus comes out easily. How to Prevent Complications in Manual Phaco? 27 Fig. 49 The precautions to be taken are: The freely flowing BSF fluid should not be directed towards the posterior capsule, as this procedure may rupture the posterior capsule and the anterior vitreous face causing vitreous disturbance. Fig. 50 While introducing the irrigating vectis, with the BSS fluid flow is on, may hit the endothelium of the cornea and damage the endothelial cells.

Perfectly sharp blade (blunt blade produces ragged incision-followed by descemets detachment) should be used. Fig. 2 UNDER LOW MAGNIFICATION After applying the speculum-take a wider bunch of conjunctiva on either side of the superior rectus musclepassing the curved needle under the muscle (since partial bite of superior rectus deviates the position of the eye, to an unwanted position ) by depressing the lower fornix. Conjunctiva is reflected from right side to left side with radial cut at 10 O'clock close to limbus (limbal based ) and extended to 2-3 O'clock left side.

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