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T. and Bennett, M. V. L. (1979). The Oscillatory Responses of Skate Electro Receptors to Small Voltage Stimuli. J Gen Physiol 73, 685-702. Connor, J. A. and Stevens, C. F. (1971). Prediction of repetitive firing behaviour from voltage clamp data on an isolated neurone soma. J Physiol 213, 31-53. Coulter, D. A. and Lee, C. J. (1993). Thalamocortical rhythm generation in vitro: extraand intracellular recordings in mouse thalamocortical slices perfused with low Mg2+ medium. Brain Res 631, 137-42. Daw, N.

In figure 22 the nerve potential as it is when no electrical stimulus is applied, is defined as the resting potential. One has to keep in mind that the spiketrain is up and down modulated by an electrical stimulus. This implies that somehow, there must be a continuous activity in both the electroreceptor and the afferent nerve. In the present model, we define the resting condition as the condition when the organ is not stimulated. This is customary in other types of neural systems, for example the retina.

All branches originated from one afferent myelinated fiber only, called the single parent afferent. This single parent afferent is indicated with a freckled structure in figure 16. The myelin sheath presumably prevented the antibodies to access the neural membrane, therefore it didn’t show clearly on the fluorescent staining. However, with normal light microscopy, it could be seen that the myelinated branches connected to form the single parent afferent (Bretschneider, 1991). We assume that the single parent afferent is the spike generating zone.

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