By Kevin Mackway-Jones

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A CD Rom containing details at the scientific administration of neonatal and paediatric emergencies. There are over 900 pages of administration together with greater than 500 scientific photos, x rays, ECGs. it is usually over a hundred and twenty video clips related to teenagers experiencing emergency difficulties and receiving quite a few existence saving methods. Covers emergencies correct in either wealthy and terrible nations. There are algorithms for the administration of emergencies all through, in addition to a formulary of emergency medicinal drugs.

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No breaths or cough in response to rescue breaths and no spontaneous movement. In children, as in adults, the carotid artery in the neck can be palpated. In infants the neck is generally short and fat, and the carotid artery may be difficult to identify. 7), or the femoral artery in the groin, should be felt. Start chest compressions if no pulse slow pulse no signs of circulation “Unnecessary” chest compressions are almost never damaging. 7. Feeling for the brachial pulse If the pulse is absent for up to 10 seconds or inadequate (less than 60 beats/min with signs of poor perfusion) and/or there are no other signs of circulation, then cardiac compression is required.

Bicarbonate must not be given in the same intravenous line as calcium because precipitation will occur. Sodium bicarbonate inactivates epinephrine and dopamine and therefore the line must be flushed with saline if these drugs are subsequently given. Bicarbonate may not be given by the intra-tracheal route. Intravenous fluids In some situations, where the cardiac arrest has resulted from circulatory failure, a standard (20 ml/kg) bolus of crystalloid fluid should be given if there is no response to the initial dose of epinephrine.

The use of the LMA for resuscitation of infants and children is not recommended currently although it may be employed by those proficient in its use. PUTTING IT TOGETHER: AIRWAY-BREATHING MANAGEMENT In order to respond urgently and yet retain thoroughness, effective emergency management demands a systematic, prioritised approach. Care can be structured into the following phases. Primary assessment This consists of a rapid “physiological” examination to identify immediately lifethreatening emergencies.

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