By R. John Leigh, Michael W. Devereaux

ISBN-10: 0195342186

ISBN-13: 9780195342185

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This quantity brings jointly paintings from top researchers within the fields of developmental issues of binocular imaginative and prescient, strabismus, and either childish and bought kinds of nystagmus. It includes 4 sections. the 1st part, simple ideas of solid imaginative and prescient and Gaze, offers with psychophysical facets of childish different types of nystagmus and the relative contributions of extraocular proprioception and efference (corollary discharge). It additionally comprises an obtainable evaluate of present notions of spatial and temporal visible services and spatial fidelity in childish nystagmus syndrome and latent nystagmus. the second one part, New versions and methods for learning Gaze balance, experiences animal and improvement versions for strabismus, amblyopia, and nystagmus. It additionally includes novel optical tools for dealing with the visible outcomes of nystagmus and a examine of the aptitude sick results of video screens on kid's reaction to close viewing. The 3rd part, New cures for Congenital Nystagmus, offers easy genetic reports and medical trials of drug and surgery of these sufferers with childish kinds of nystagmus. the ultimate section,General features of standard and irregular Gaze keep watch over, pulls jointly quite a number contributions facing common gaze keep watch over, childish nystagmus, and purchased issues of eye activities, together with new remedy measures. This publication can be a important source for all scientists and practitioners drawn to developmental problems of imaginative and prescient.

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Poljac E, Lankheet MJ, van den Berg AV. Perceptual compensation for eye torsion. Vision Res. 2005; 45:485–496. Haustein W. Head-centric visual localization with lateral body tilt. Vision Res. 1992;32:669–673. Wade SW, Curthoys IS. The effect of ocular torsional position on perception of the roll-tilt of visual stimuli. Vision Res. 1997;37:1071–1078. Grüsser OJ, Krizic A, Weiss LR. Afterimage movement during saccades in the dark. Vision Res. 1987;27:215–226. Bedell HE, Loshin DS. Interrelations between measures of visual acuity and parameters of eye movement in congenital nystagmus.

41 It therefore remains an open question whether the perception of oscillopsia in IN varies systematically with the luminance of the stimulus. PERCEIVED MOTION SMEAR DURING NORMAL EYE MOVEMENTS AND IN In addition to the potential for producing oscillopsia, the rapid to-and-fro eye movements in subjects with IN would be expected, on the basis of visual persistence, to generate the perception of motion smear. However, the retinal image motion of a physically stationary object during normal observers’ voluntary45-48 and involuntary49,50 eye movements generates a smaller extent of perceived motion smear than if comparable motion of the retinal image occurs when the eyes remain stationary.

Same as that produced by a target that moves physically during stable fixation. Our explanation for this asymmetrical reduction of perceived motion smear is as follows. The visual system interprets the presence of “opposite” target motion during an eye movement as consistent in direction with an object that is stationary in the world. Presumably, the visual system prefers that stationary objects do not appear smeared. On the other hand, a target that moves in the “same” direction as an ongoing eye movement can be assumed to be moving physically in the world.

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