By Randell B., Russell L.J.

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The behaviour describes the way in which such properties change with temperature, voltage and incident electromagnetic radiation. These axioms are used to generate models for semiconductor devices which can be used to predict the behaviour of specific arrangements of devices and wiring connections under a range of ambient conditions. For example, the resistance and capacitance of doped polysilicon enables the load of a polysilicon wire of given length and width to be calculated. This in turn enables the edge speed along the wire from a transistor switching at a given supply voltage and operating temperature to be modelled.

Specialised libraries may contain cells of even greater functionality, for example for processor or signal processing applications. 20 CHAPTER 2. TWO-DIMENSIONAL CHIP DESIGN It is frequently appropriate to design with increasing levels of detail. At the least detailed level, blocks of logic can be allocated rectangular areas in which to be implemented. These physical blocks can be arranged to fit the chip area by floor planning. Blocks can be of a variety of shapes. For example, a memory block may be square, while the natural layout for a first-in first-out (FIFO) register may result in an elongated block.

The purpose of modelling layout with such specific cells is to explore the possibilities of connection by direct cell abutment, a popular technique in many two-dimensional layouts. Included at this point is the practical design of cells satisfying the required geometric properties of abutting cells. Chapter six contains details of the construction of a highly configurable experimental layout system based on the above model. Descriptions of the layout algorithms and merit functions which were developed are given, and the difficulties and limitations encountered are discussed.

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