By Mendelson Joe and Nadia Halim

ISBN-10: 1550224263

ISBN-13: 9781550224269

ISBN-10: 1554904269

ISBN-13: 9781554904266

He believes that conversing out could make a distinction, that girls are the single desire for the longer term, and that there is fact in a very good blues track. He does not think in God, compromise, or schmaltz. Meet Mendelson Joe: musician, artist, activist, and avid author of letters to Canadian politicians and editors. Alien brings jointly the very best of Joe's paintings, besides wide interviews with the fellow and the folk who understand him. Joe holds forth at the issues that fascinate him: the feminine physique, bikes, rabbits, nature, artwork, and track. He tells of traveling the area together with his blues-rock band Mendelson McKenna Mainline within the early '70s, sharing live performance phases with burlesque strippers, and studying a fondness for artwork after rescuing a suite of acrylic paints from a trashcan. He additionally talks concerning the issues that make him indignant: the stupidity of people, who "piss the place they drink," destroying the surroundings via greed and carelessness; the therapy of ladies by means of males; racism. And Joe's neighbors and associates discuss understanding this humorous, gifted, and deeply principled man who is by no means afraid to talk his brain.

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And Tony played well with Mike Harrison. There you have it. We'd play someplace in England, and the next time we'd go back there, there were lineups. They appreciated us because we were good. That wouldn't happen in Canada. In Canada, you can be good at something and it doesn't mean anything. We worship clonery and mediocrity in pop music. Anybody doing anything remotely original has, I think, no future in Canada, unless they succeed in another place first. We were in England six months. We should have stayed there.

But most of the people whose work I loved devolved. Most of the people who I thought were great artists became lesser and lesser artists as they succeeded economically. It seems to me that people do get lost sometimes when they get fat. When you get a taste of stardom, you usually get dumb. I loved the music of Little Richard, very early Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Reed; there was a very short period when their music influenced me. But the fact is by the time the '60s came, their music was impotent.

It's called the Muse. I ascribe my successes as an artistic man to the fact that I keep trying. I'm not a polished, pensive, Leonard Cohen type of guy. I'm a spewaholic. I spew occasionally well. JOHN OSWALD:: Around 1982,1 recorded an album with Joe called Not Safe. I was the recording engineer. What was he like to work with? Great; inspiring in a lot ot ways. He would come in and he would sit down and he would do a performance. " These days, Joe usually sings in a quiet tone. But he also has this real growl, that was a lot more prevalent in his performances back then.

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Alien: The Strange Life and Times of Mendelson Joe by Mendelson Joe and Nadia Halim

by Joseph

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