By Allen Carr

ISBN-10: 0140277633

ISBN-13: 9780140277630

Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day dependancy drove him to depression, yet after numerous makes an attempt to surrender he stumbled on what the realm have been looking ahead to - the simple option to give up smoking. Now recognized because the world's prime specialist on assisting people who smoke to hand over, Allen Carr's informative, no scare strategies tools and strategies are a revelation for these wanting to kick the behavior.

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The smoker will feel better than before he lit the cigarette. However, even when smoking that cigarette the smoker is more tense than if he were a non-smoker because the more you go into the drug, the more it knocks you down and the less it restores you when you smoke. I promised no shock treatment. In the example I am about to give, I am not trying to shock you, I am merely emphasizing that cigarettes destroy your nerves rather than relax them. Try to imagine getting to the stage where a doctor tells you that unless you stop smoking he is going to have to remove your legs.

Practically all women are fastidious about their personal appearance. They wouldn't dream of appearing at a social func tion not immaculately turned out and smelling beautiful. Yet knowing that their breath smells like a stale ashtray does not seem to deter them in the least. I know that it bothers them greatly - many hate the smell of their own hair and clothes - yet it doesn't deter them. Such is the fear that this awful drug instills in the smoker. Cigarettes do not help social occasions; they destroy them.

Often at this point in my consultation, a smoker will say, 'Look, I am not really worried about the money aspect,' If you are thinking along these lines, ask yourself why you are not worried. Why in other aspects of life you will go to a great deal of trouble to save a few pounds here and there and yet spend thousands of pounds poisoning yourself and hang the expense? The answer to these questions is this. Every other decision that you make in your life will be the result of an analytical process of weighing up the pros and cons and arriving at a rational answer.

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