By Michael D. Picone

ISBN-10: 9027231273

ISBN-13: 9789027231277

This accomplished research of Anglicisms within the context of sped up neological task in modern Metropolitan French not just presents distinct documentation and outline of a desirable subject, yet opens up new vistas on problems with basic linguistic curiosity: the consequences of know-how on language, the analyticity-syntheticity controversy, the lexical contribution to language power, the research of compound note formation, the interaction among cultural and linguistic affectivity. by means of investigating the dynamics of borrowing in the greater framework of normal neological productiveness and through bringing to undergo cognitive and pragmatic concerns, a much-needed clean method of the whole query of Anglicisms takes form. All pertinent phenomena concerning Anglicisms in French — a subject which maintains to command the eye of language commentators and defenders in France and somewhere else — are explored: quintessential borrowings, semantic calques, structural calques, the new release of pseudo-Anglicisms and hybrids, graphological and phonological phenomena. In every one case, the phenomenon is investigated within the right context of its interplay with different pertinent neological, phonological and sociocultural advancements. those contain basic alterations in French compound observe formation, changed derivational dynamics, the microsystem of pseudo-Classical morphology, old phonological instabilities, the strain for extra artificial different types of lexical creation relating to the desires of know-how and society. instead of adhering rigidly to any unmarried theoretical version, there's an try to organize a conversation among differing versions with a purpose to arrive at a multidimensional view of the phenomena investigated.

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The latter he referred to as the 'juxtapositional' va­ riety. By that he meant that the elements of an expression, sometimes by virtue of repeated use, were simply frozen into their naturally juxtaposed syntactic positions (cf. Picone 1992a: 13-16). Consequently, juxtapositional compounds can be thought of as being 'phrasal' or 'syntagmatic' (cf. Bloomfield's classificatory gradations for compounds: 'syntactic, semi-syn­ tactic, and asyntactic', 1984 [1933]:233-235). For the sake of continuity, rather than adopting these other terms, I will follow Darmesteter in adhering to his specialized definition of 'juxtaposition'.

Temps de Vivre 02-84:6) Technologie de pointe «made in France». La Société de Mécanique Magnétique, une affaire qui tourne [heading] (Libération 09-20-86:20) Polygamie made in France [heading] (Blandine Grosjean, L'Evénement 05-10-90:90) Made in France, d'accord, faisons déjà ce qui dépend de nous. (text of political poster for the French Communist Party, 11-82) La mode made in tricot, Timwear, Paris (text of poster ad for knits, Paris, 10-83) Other attestations from advertising include Made in monde (inscribed on jogging sweats, spring 1987) and Made in Europe (part of a poster ad for the Salon international de l'habillement masculin, St-Maur-des-Fossés, 02-87).

JUXTAPOSITIONAL NEOLOGY 43 quelques roucoulades avec le trio féminin de Zouk Machine, dont l'album fut un succès aux Antilles, et son coup d'essai à l'Eurovision avec «White and Black Blues», de Gainsbourg. " (an apprehendee during a drug bust), "J'ai trop de problème avec les blacks. C'est fini avec les blacks" (a slumlord). With or without any ethnic connotation intended, black appears in various pseudo-Anglicisms and hybrids in advertising: Blackfeeling Dance (dance courses, Créteil, 1983), Black Machine (model of BMX-type bike advertised by Motobécane, 1984, the name was probably intended to create an associa­ tion with the African-American break-dancing group Break Machine which was popular in France at the time; cf.

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