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W. Wright thought necessary in order to obtain good vision in the aphakic eye. So, after all the work and suffering associated with keeping an infant in contact lenses and the rigors of patching, the best we can expect is a ‘spare tire’ eye? An eye that will not be used unless something catastrophic happens and the patient loses vision in the good eye. Because of this, some experts have questioned the wisdom of aggressive treatment of unilateral congenital cataracts. Is the pain and anguish of treatment worth the gain of a so-so eye?

That is the title of a long, long lecture, but it is something that I should have pushed a little earlier and a little harder. pmd 20 12/5/2003, 12:40 PM One hundred years of experience 21 on assumptions. One of these assumptions is that muscles are all of the same quality. They are not equal and opposite. The diagrams are not right. They are fine for their age, the anatomical diagrams, but there is a tremendous variability. As you all know, you can do a small recess resect in an infant and resect the lateral 5 mm and find that adduction is -1 or -2 with a 5-mm resection; it happens.

Not all pediatric cataracts are readily identifiable as to origin at this time. However, by using currently available resources, an ophthalmologist can reduce the number of cataracts labeled as idiopathic, prevent systemic complications in some cataract syndromes, and direct a family toward specific treatment and counseling. References 1. Foster A, Gilbert C, Rahi J: Epidemiology of cataract in childhood: a global perspective. J Cataract Refract Surg 1:601-604, 1997 2. Wirth M, Russell-Eggitt I, Craig J, Elder J, Mackey D: Aetiology of congenital and paediatric cataract in an Australian population.

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