By Andrew Mango

During this significant new biography of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and the 1st to seem in English in response to Turkish assets, Andrew Mango strips away the parable, to teach the complexities of 1 of the main visionary, influential, and enigmatic statesmen of the century. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was once almost unknown until eventually 1919, while he took the lead in thwarting the effective Allies' plan to partition the Turkish center of the Ottoman Empire. He divided the Allies, defeated the final Sultan, and secured the territory of the Turkish nationwide nation, changing into the 1st president of the hot republic in 1923, quickly growing his personal legend.

Andrew Mango's revealing portrait of Atatürk throws mild on concerns of significant value today-resurgent nationalism, non secular fundamentalism, and the truth of democracy.

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II Intellectual Maturation (1924–1929) I owe a great deal to the Circle of Vienna. But it is solely the introduction to the problems and their literature. — Kurt Gödel to Herbert G. Bohnert, 1974 In broad terms Kurt Gödel’s life may be divided into three periods, corresponding both to his place of residence and to the changing nature of his intellectual interests: First, his childhood in Brno; second, his years in Vienna as student and Dozent, when he obtained his greatest mathematical results; and finally, the years following his emigration to America, when he directed his attention primarily to physics and philosophy.

Some, like that of Richard (1905), concerned the notion of definability within a language. Others, like that of Burali-Forti (1897), made reference to set-theoretic notions such as the totality of all ordinals or all sets. And some that seemed not to refer to such notions could be recast in ways that did. Russell, for example, noted that his own antinomy could be expressed in terms of the self-referential totality of all sets that were not members of themselves (in symbols, {x : x ∈ / x}). The paradoxes were both a reflection of and a stimulus to the concern for greater rigor in mathematical demonstrations, which had arisen half a century earlier in response to issues involving the definition and representation of functions.

But, he went on, “the result (and the sense) of the fraud is . . not that it simulates, but that it masks, the genuine phenomena” [78]. No sources list Gödel as a member of the investigatory committee that Hahn set up. Among Gödel’s papers there is, however, one memorandum that appears to be a shorthand record of a séance [79]. The overall significance of the item is hard to judge, but it is clear that Gödel’s interest in the parapsychological went beyond mere open-mindedness. His library slips from the University of Vienna, for example, include two for a book by Alfred Lehrmann entitled Aberglaube und Zauberei (Superstition and Sorcery), and in another of his letters to his mother he wrote that investigators at “a local university with great strength in the sciences” had established that “every person” possesses the ability to predict numbers that will turn up in games of chance, though most of us have that ability “only to a quite meager degree” [80].

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