By Frances Tustin

ISBN-10: 1855751100

ISBN-13: 9781855751101

This is often Frances Tustin's first booklet and the unique assertion of her perspectives on autistic states of brain and the genesis of sorts of formative years psychosis. In it, she tackles difficulties of analysis as those relate to healing intervention.

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Secondly, the material from psychotic patients is inevitably A school based on the philosophy and teaching of Rudolf Steiner, founder of the movement known as Anthroposophy. AUTISM AND CHILDHOOD PSYCHOSIS so disconnected that it is impoeclible to put it out as a theorem in logic. It is primitive stuff. Both child and therapist seem to be spinning a poem, or dramatizing a play, in the attempt to communicate about it. Thirdly, the fact that in David's experience, subject and object were so closely intertwined makes the material difficult to follow and to write about.

Without the button he felt that they could hurt him. He was afraid that he might lose his head or his penis as he felt he had lost the button. For two sessions after this he was afraid of certain objects in the consulting room; one was the dark glove cavity, another was a penis-like pipe near the ceiling; the other was the 'dirty AUTISM AND CHILDHOOD PSYCHOSIS water bucket'. But after these sessions the night-time screaming stopped. ) The hallucinations subsided and have not, so far as I know, troubled him since.

However, this ecstatic bubble of illusion kept being pricked. In his disillusionment, he tried to puncture my self-confidence and enjoyment of my work. ' My interpretationswere received with similar disdain and derision. ' At other times he was 'smarmy' and cajoling. A few days before the holiday, he came with the remains of a skin eruption, a boil which he had had on the second finger of his right hand. He said that the boil had been 'a monster'. He played with the word 'boil' and talked about 'boiling with rage'.

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