By Anton Meller (auth.), Jürgen Faust, Kurt Niedenzu (eds.)

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Japan. A. 106 [1987] No. 111839). ; NEC Corp. (Japan. A. 106 [1987] No. 225075). ; Sumitomo Electric Industries. Ltd. (Japan. A. 104 [1986] No. 134499). ; Nagai, K. (J. Vac. Sci. Techno!. [2] A 4 [1986] 2993/6). ; Reichelt, K. (Thin Solid Films 149 [1987] L77/L80). ; Ikeda, M. A. 107 [1987] No. 159962). [140] Savvides, N. (Thin Solid Films 163 [1988]13/32). ; Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (Japan. A. 108 [1988] No. 191557). Gmelin Handbook B 4th Suppl. Vol. 4 21 Hexagonal Boron Nitride with Wurtzite Structure (y-BN) and Mixtures of Different BN Phases The best starting material for the preparation of y-BN, which is formed under very high pressure (>125 kbar) at relatively Low temperatures (>200°C}, is well crystallized a-BN.

4-12, p. 35 [9] and the potential energy curves for the quintet states are shown in Fig. 4-13, p. 35 [1 0]. The ground state of BN is X 3TI. For a complete tabulation of the spectroscopic constants and an extensive discussion of the results, see [9, 10]. By the same methods as noted above using a 5s3p Gaussian basis set with polarization functions, potential curves for twelve Low-lying valence states of BN+ and three states of BNwere obtained. The ground state of BN+ is 4 ~- and that of BW is 2~+ [11].

A. 103 [1985] No. 75193). [36] Shutzhenko, A. ; Gargin, V. ; Petrusha, I. ; Ositinskaya, T. D. (Fiz. Tekh. A. 107 [1987] No. 145067). [37] Shipilo, V. ; Guseva, I. ; Leushkina, G. ; Popel'nyuk, G. P. (lzv. Akad. Nauk SSSR Neorgan. Mater. 22 [1986] 418/21; lnorg. Materials [USSR] 22 [1986] 361/3). [38] Shipilo, V. ; Shishonok, E. ; Akimov, A. ; Shishonok, N. A. (Dokt. Akad. A. 103 [1985] No. 97276). [39] Shipilo, V. ; Vitkina, Ts. ; Rud, A. ; Sheleg, A. U. (Sverkhtverd. Mater. 5, pp. A. 110 [1989] No.

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B Boron Compounds: 4th Supplement Volume 3a Boron and Nitrogen by Anton Meller (auth.), Jürgen Faust, Kurt Niedenzu (eds.)

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