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Greater solidarity between actors, shared norms and higher levels of trust may be related to higher degrees of homogeneity. Thus, in applying Tiepoh and Reimer’s framework for analysing rural business relations, the underlying trust must also be considered as an influencing factor for the outcomes that might be observed. There remains a gap in knowledge regarding the geography, sociology, and dynamic of these rural business relationships. The following section outlines two complementary studies into rural business relations.

Theory contributions also include the identification and analysis of distinct types of failure. On a more practical-empirical level, the authors suggest approaches to managing conflict and failure. References Abram, S. (1998) ‘Class, Countryside and the “Longitudinal Study”: A Response to Hoggart’ Journal of Rural Studies 14: 369–79. Aldrich, H. (1999) Organizations Evolving London: Sage. Anwar McHenry, J. (2011) ‘Rural Empowerment through the Arts: The Role of the Arts in Civic and Social Participation in the Mid West Region of Western Australia’ Journal of Rural Studies 27: 245–53.

As Curran and Blackburn recognise, this technique can expose ‘the character and content of the linkages between small business owners and others within the social and economic community’ (1994, p. 106). Some 380 critical moments were identified from the 40 interviews and these were categorised according to the locality and the source of each contact, the strength of relationship and the impact on the business. Thematic analysis of transcripts provided data lending itself to a degree of statistical analysis, although it remains a predominantly qualitative technique and as such is supplemented with more detailed examples of how these moments occurred and created value for the businesses concerned.

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