By Francis Edward Abernethy, Kenneth L. Untiedt

ISBN-10: 1417590629

ISBN-13: 9781417590629

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ISBN-13: 9781574411843

Texas has a wide inhabitants who has lived on each side of the border and created a folkloric combine that makes Texas precise. either side of the Border will get its identify from its emphasis on lately researched Tex-Mex folklore. yet we realize that Texas has different borders in addition to the Rio Grande. We use that identify with the folklorist's wisdom that each one of this state's songs, stories, and traditions have lived and prospered at the different facets of Texas borders at one time or one other prior to they crossed the rivers and grew to become "ours." Chapters are geared up thematically and contain favourite storytellers like James Ward Lee, Thad Sitton, and Jerry Lincecum. Lee's liked "Hell is for He-Men" looks the following, besides Sitton's informative essay on Texas freedmen's settlements. either side of the Border includes whatever to please every body drawn to Texas folklore.

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El Paso school authorities didn’t think too kindly of my mother transporting me across the border to get an education. The summer after second grade, the powers that be insisted I go to Zavala School. Not surprisingly, since I was raised in a bilingual home and had two years of solid schooling by age seven, I could read and write in 47 48 Texas-Mexican Folklore both languages equally well, and knew how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The principal thought I should be in third or fourth grade, but my mother was adamant that I should be in a classroom with children my own age, and so I did second grade again, learned—very poorly—to print, and became the teacher’s errand runner because she didn’t know quite what to do with me.

When they got together, these women spoke not of their achaques, their maladies, but of how in their youth the Mexican government had treated them to free hotels in Mexico City and passes on the railroad from Juárez to anywhere the railroad went. My mother’s favorite tale was of the regularly derailing trains in Chihuahua. “Las Muchachas”—the girls—were so well known as a group that the engineer would send them to the nearest town on a hand car to bring back food for the passengers; if they were stuck somewhere for a night, no town, however small, lacked enough musicians to put together a dance in their honor.

The fever broke as the chicken pox sprung. Less dramatic cures in my house included yerba buena for stomach upsets, chamomile for calm sleep, cinnamon tea made with canela entera for a cough, oregano tea for a croupy cough. Aloe vera gel squeezed out from a leaf spread on a wound served for most of my childhood injuries. A sliced wedge of garlic brought a splinter to the surface and drew out any toxins left by thorns. Like my mother, and my grandmother before her, I use and trust remedios caseros, home remedies passed down to me.

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Both Sides Of The Border: A Texas Folklore Sampler (Publications of the Texas Folklore Society) by Francis Edward Abernethy, Kenneth L. Untiedt

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