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In our series, we wish to focus some attention on a less well-understood dynamic within the larger rubric of immigration—refugees. S. provides a devastating critique of what is supposed to be a humanitarian project. As a result of their experiences Burundian refugees feel betrayed and isolated. S. where find that they are “tracked” into the least desirable, low-wage work with no provision for training or education to improve their economic situation. S. schools that are populated by other equally marginalized and poor students, who have also been left behind in the inadequately funded schools in the central cities.

The rhythm was relaxed; the children often requested additional servings, and if the request was for vegetables the teachers expressed their satisfaction. Occasionally, during my observations, one teacher would comment on the dishes that had been served to the children, and underline the sensory experience they were having by inviting them to look at the food presentation, to taste the flavors16 and smell the aroma of the cooked food. Even though the school is also attended by children born of immigrant families, and religious requirements are stringently respected by the school cook, the lunch pattern is strictly Italian; usually the menu offers a first course, a second course, and vegetables as side dish.

In their chapter “Repositioning disability in the discourse of our times: a study of the everyday lives of children with autism”, Jessica Lester and Michelle O’Reilly take Disability Studies into a new arena—autism. Here they note the significance of narratives built around a normal/abnormal dichotomy and (in) competence. Specifically, they critique both the theoretical models that have been deployed to explain disability, and the particular construction of autism that has emerged. Their study explores how the market intersects with autism, and the problematic construction of autism that results.

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