By Charles Ingrid

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It makes no difference,” she said. “I’ll tell you what you want to know. My father was hired by the Green Shirts—you will not have heard of them before, probably—they wanted to take out a member of the emperor’s guard to show him that he was not as invulnerable as he thought himself. Emperors are made, not born, in these centuries. ” Jack absorbed her words without emotion, not doubting her, but wondering if even she knew the whole truth. When she had finished speaking, she turned her back to him and began to monitor the lab once more.

It was clear though that the journalist had had enemies, and this was but one of the outcomes. But he did not even blink as Amber stared at him with anguish in her face. Scott, he knew, had been living on borrowed time. ” Colin’s mouth dropped open slightly, then the saint clamped his lips tightly shut and put an arm about Amber, drawing her close for support. His expression met Jack’s just before the Knight turned to meet the WP. The look of approval jolted him slightly. The WP man saluted and then spent the rest of his detail to cordon off the murder scene.

Sarge spat to one side, catching it in a disposable cup. He rolled a weary eye at the Thrakian damage. “Don’t get your hopes up, kid. ” “Yeah, didn’t they, though,” the veteran said and squinted out the shuttle window, saying nothing more. He only opened his mouth to spit and Jack sat back, forgetting to warn the sergeant that chewing stim wasn’t allowed in transport. But the sarge didn’t spit. He pointed at Jack and mumbled something, something about eyes and began to claw at his. As Jack screamed in horror, the veteran plucked out his eyes and held them out for Jack to see.

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