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Over a quarter of FDI in Jilin province is in transport equipment manufacturing, so a relevant example is the expansion of the No. 1 Automobile Works to an output capacity of 660 000 automobiles by 2007 in co-operation with OECD-based automobile companies. This will entail a corresponding expansion of automobile component manufacturers in Jilin province. Among component manufacturers there are already over 100 FIEs. Other examples of expanded output capacity resulting from FDI include the food processing and manufacturing, raw chemicals and chemical products manufacturing, textiles and wood processing industries.

Measures to attract FDI to North-East China have been concentrated on cross-border M&A North-East China has attracted its fair share of FDI In terms of FDI attraction, the North-East region has done modestly, but not spectacularly, well by national standards. 4%, suggested that foreign contribution to each project was actually slightly smaller on average. 18 Development of open policies at national level promote local FDI attraction The Chinese government attaches great importance to attracting FDI to North-East China to assist the process of restructuring the inefficient SOE sector.

In the area of Social Service Industry, “social investigation” has now been prohibited alongside existing prohibitions on gambling and pornography. The scope of this prohibition is unclear; it almost certainly covers opinion polling, but it remains to be determined to what extent it also includes other forms of research. ) The only item removed from the prohibited catalogue is that of the production of films and of radio and television programmes. These have been moved to the restricted catalogue, with the stipulation that the Chinese partner must hold a majority of the shares in such projects.

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