By Christi Parker

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In the course of the 1800s, the USA used to be in clash over slavery. notwithstanding compromises have been made, neither part was once happy. Abolitionists and pro-slavery humans engaged in conflicts and infrequently lethal clashes. With South Carolina and different southern states seceding, warfare used to be inevitable.

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Tasks to combat support units d. Coordinating instructions (1) Time schedule (2) PIR 2 2-17 2 OPERATION ORDER 4. Service Support: a. General: 5. Command and Signal a. Command: b. Signal: 2 2-18 2 FRAGMENTARY ORDER (FRAGO provides changes to an existing order. Address only elements that have changed) Reference Task organization 1. Situation 2. Mission 3. Execution 4. Service Support 5. Command/Signal 2 2-19 2 FRAGMENTARY ORDER TIME SCHEDULE WHEN 2 WHAT 2-20 WHERE WHO 2 FRAGMENTARY ORDER LIGHT AND WEATHER DATA ITEM FIRST DAY NEXT DAY BMNT/EENT Sun Rise Sun Set Moon Rise % Illum Moon Set NVG Hours Temp High/Lo Winds Precip Effects of light & weather: 2 2-21 2 ACTIONS BEFORE MARCH STEP 3 ACTION 1 Give warning order 2 Select quartering party NCO and send to team CP 3 Recon route from AA to SP 4 Record time from AA to SP 5 Adjust departing time from AA to arrive at SP on time 6 Have crews perform precombat checks 7 Have vehicle commanders report their status 8 Give march order to vehicle commanders 3-1 3 DUTIES OF QUARTERING PARTY STEP 3 ACTION 1 Inspect intended assembly area for enemy NBC/mines 2 Secure platoon area until platoon arrives 3 Establish and maintain commo 4 Clear or mark obstacles 5 Select general location of vehicle positions; mark places 6 Select covered/concealed route to RP; meet platoon 7 Guide platoon into area 8 Brief platoon leader 3-2 3 MARCH ORDERS 1.

Compare Courses of Action considering how well the COA: 1 2 3 Considers obstacles Controls key terrain Helps speed of execution Does not require adjustment of unit positions Uses all HQs Requires normal CSS 5. Decision 2 2-14 2 OPERATION ORDER Task organization: 1. Situation a. Enemy forces: b. Friendly forces: Mission/concept higher Location & actions of units on left, right, front, rear Units providing fire support 2 2-15 2 OPERATION ORDER 2. Mission 3. Execution Intent a. Concept of the operation (1) Maneuver 2 2-16 2 OPERATION ORDER (2) Fires b.

Evacuation procedures for friendly casualties___________________________ ____________________________________ 8. Place to take EPW _________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 9. Special signals to use ______________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 10. On-order mission for platoon/squad ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 11. Position and mission of units on flanks ______________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 12.

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