By Kenneth W. Wright, Yi Ning J. Strube

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Strabismus may be devastating to sufferers, but usually tough to regard, even for the main pro veteran. The Atlas of Strabismus surgical procedure, Fourth Edition in actual fact and succinctly stocks with the reader concepts and surgical options to enhance the care of sufferers, beginning with the straightforward fundamentals and progressing to extra advanced strategies. up to date from the profitable 3rd variation, the atlas is designed for resident ophthalmologists and skilled strabismologists alike. entire with enormous quantities of colour illustrations, The Atlas of Strabismus surgical procedure, Fourth Edition covers the administration of a variety of strabismus problems, from the quite uncomplicated horizontal strabismus, to the complicated cyclo-vertical deviations.

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With 22 years of follow-up, patient has vision of 20/20 OU, high-grade stereo acuity at ≥100 s arc, and orthotropia without correction. 0 mm. 2 Esotropia, Latent Nystagmus, and Face Turn Latent nystagmus is a nystagmus that is provoked when binocular vision is disrupted, either by occluding one eye or by the occurrence of a manifest strabismus. This nystagmus is characterized by the fast phase to the fixing eye and a null bilateral medial rectus recessions (augmented formula). In this postoperative photo, he is 2 years of age, wearing full hypermetropic correction.

In these cases, explore the MR muscles and advance the muscle if there is an insertion dehiscence. The surgical management plan is same as for consecutive exotropia, as discussed for congenital esotropia above. 2 Clinical Example: Infantile Accommodative Esotropia (see Fig. 3) • 5-month-old (son of author KWW) with a history of variable intermittent esotropia since 2 months of age (Fig. 3). Now has a constant large-angle esotropia. 50 sphere Nsc: ET 55 PD Dsc: ET 50 PD Ncc: ET 25 PD Dcc: ET 20 PD by prism cover test by estimation (cc—with correction; D—distance; ET—esotropia; N— near; sc—without correction) Diagnosis: Partially accommodative infantile esotropia (residual esotropia with optical correction, strabismic amblyopia left eye).

1 Clinical Features • Esotropia acquired in childhood • Cyclic pattern: some days esotropic, other days orthotropic • Progresses to constant tropia phase Cyclic esotropia is a rare type of acquired esotropia. It can occur at virtually any age, but most frequently appears between 2 and 6 years of age. These patients cycle between straight eyes and esotropia (Fig. 2). Various patterns are possible, and the intervals between being esotropic and orthotropic are not always exactly the same. When the eyes are aligned, the patient has good binocular vision and stereo acuity, but usually suppresses when tropic.

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