By Olga Bogdashina

ISBN-10: 1423709799

ISBN-13: 9781423709794

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Supplying a theoretical origin for realizing verbal exchange and language impairments particular to autism, Olga Bogdashina explores the results of other perceptual and cognitive types at the conversation and language improvement of autistic young ones. She stresses the significance of settling on every one autistic individual's nonverbal language - which might be visible, tactile, kinaesthetic, auditory, olfactory or gustatory - so one can identify a shared technique of verbal conversation. She deals a proof of why definite ways, for instance PECS, may well paintings with a few autistic childrens yet now not others. delivering genuine insights, the 'What they are saying' sections let the reader to determine throughout the eyes of autistic participants and to appreciate their language ameliorations first hand.

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To avoid the flaws of Skinner’s theory, neo-behaviourists focus on inferred mediating processes in language acquisition. Osgood (1962) originated mediation theory and introduced this formula: stimulus – mediating response – self-stimulus within the organism – response. A stimulus, representing a number of stimuli associated with the object, arouses reactions of the organism. When these stimuli reappear later, in the absence of the original object, they continue to elicit part of the total reactions to the object, thus becoming signs of the original stimulus-object.

Snyder hypothesizes that autism may be considered as ‘a retarded acquisition of mental paradigms’. At the low-functioning end of the autism spectrum we may find a lack of paradigms across various domains; and at the other end (high-functioning autism and/or Asperger syndrome) individuals can be deficient in only ‘the most elaborate mindsets, such as those necessary for subtle social interaction’ (Snyder 1996a). Literal perception Let us consider possible scenarios (outcomes) of each stage of perception if something goes wrong.

1). 1 A cat, by Ian Wilson They store concepts (not perceptual images and experiences). These concepts become filters through which all sensory experiences are filtered and organized into classes, groups, types. All sensory information seems to be forced fit into the most likely interpretation based on our prior knowledge (Snyder and Barlow 1988). Concepts bring order. They help to put ‘bits and pieces’ of information together to form a cohesive picture. 2). 2 Black spots or a Dalmation dog? The outside world becomes conceptualized and represented and expressed in words that can be easily operated to create new ideas.

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