By Noemi Lois MD PhD FRCS(Ed), David Wong MD

ISBN-10: 1451119380

ISBN-13: 9781451119381

In the ever-changing box of vitreo-retinal surgical procedure, the issue that could most sensible distinguish a very good health care provider from a great one is the power to prevent and deal with problems. in the pages of Complications of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, readers will detect the sensible details ophthalmic surgeons have to handle a variety of intra- and postoperative problems linked to vitreo-retinal surgical procedure. The textual content addresses a huge diversity of problems, taking place in either tested and rising surgical techniques.

Each capability hardship is analyzed intimately, together with details on pathogenesis and chance components. Chapters are equipped by means of strength trouble, with each one addressed by means of a unmarried contributing writer as though he/she is the doctor at the case. whereas created particularly for vitreo-retinal surgeons, this e-book will supply invaluable info for different individuals of the surgical group in addition to for basic ophthalmologists, citizens, and optometrists who see sufferers prior to and after vitreo-retinal procedures.

 This convenient reference delivers…
• precise coverage addresses particular problems on the topic of scleral buckling, pneumatic retinopexy, and 20-, 23-, and 25-gauge vitrectomy
• specialist contributors supply suggestion on avoidance and administration of every difficulty, and provide guideposts for projected scientific outcomes.
• Bulleted points convey medical pearls at the prevention and administration of particular complications.
• Real-world medical scenarios supply sensible, stepwise information within the administration of every issue. 

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High pressure in the eye due to injection of too much gas is also a risk factor. Pathogenesis: Why Does It Occur In order to prevent the air/gas going under the Tenon’s conjunctiva, the tip of the needle should be, when withdrawn prior to the injection of air/gas, just inside the Figure 3A-1 An ideal outcome from injection of gas showing a single bubble forming at the highest point of the eye. 17 (c) 2015 Wolters Kluwer. All Rights Reserved. 18 Sec t i o n I / COM P L ICA TIONS D U RIN G OR FO L LO W ING TH E S U R GICA L P R OCED U RE Figure 3A-2 Small bubbles of gas have escaped through the needle track resulting in subconjunctival gas and a smaller intraocular gas bubble than intended.

2 Hypotonic eyes are also considered at greater risk. Pearls on How to Prevent It ◆◆ Mattress sutures of 5-0 monofilament nylon have the ideal thickness to prevent erosion of the sclera when passing the suture. Thinner sutures tend to erode out of the sclera. ◆◆ Make sure that the eye has normal pressure when placing the suture; if the eye is soft it is easier to accidentally penetrate the choroid when placing deep scleral sutures. ◆◆ The sutures must be placed deep and long enough so that the suture will not cut out of the sclera; the needle can be gently lifted while passing it through the sclera parallel and keeping its depth continuously.

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