By Risto Miikkulainen, James A. Bednar, Yoonsuck Choe, Joseph Sirosh

ISBN-10: 0387220240

ISBN-13: 9780387220246

This booklet offers a unified computational method of figuring out the constitution, improvement, and serve as of the visible cortex. It experiences the present theories of the visible cortex and the organic information on which they're dependent, and offers a close research of the laterally attached self-organizing map version and effects got to this point. including the software program package deal Topographica, it serves as a entire origin for destiny examine in computational neuroscience of the visible cortex.

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They may mediate competition and synchronization over large distances of cortex (Taylor and Alavi 1996; Usher, Stemmler, and Niebur 1996; Wang 1996). 5. They may selectively enhance and suppress responses to implement attention and control (Taylor and Alavi 1996). 2 Lateral Connections 27 Representing and Associating Information 1. Lateral connections may store information that allows decorrelating visual input and filtering out known statistical redundancies in the cortical representations (Barlow and F¨oldi´ak 1989; Dong 1996; Ghahramani and Hinton 1998; Sirosh, Miikkulainen, and Bednar 1996a).

5 Guide for the Reader The book is divided into five parts. e. for self-organization, lateral connections, genetic vs. environmentally driven development, and temporal coding. The computational foundations of LISSOM, such as the neuron models, synchronization, learning, and self-organizing maps, are also discussed. However, the specific biological and psychophysical evidence and prior modeling work for each individual experiment is reviewed in the individual chapters throughout the book. Part II focuses on mechanisms of input-driven self-organization.

Many researchers have argued that such maps develop through self-organization of input connections from the thalamus and are shaped by visual experience (Shatz 1992). A number of classic experiments by Hubel, Wiesel and other researchers showed that altering the visual environment can drastically change the organization of input connections, ocular dominance columns, and orientation columns (Hubel and Wiesel 1962, 1974; Hubel, Wiesel, and LeVay 1977). The animal is most susceptible during a critical period of early life, typically a few weeks.

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