By Anne Kane (auth.)

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Which are available to text producers and interpreters in particular circumstances” (Fairclough 1995, 184) amid historically specific conditions. While this concept indicates that there are limitations on what can be said and how it can be said in discursive events, it also denotes that there can be a great range of symbolic and discursive resources. Factors such as size of the event, the degree of social homogeneity or heterogeneity of participants, and whether the event is harmonious or confrontational will partially determine the number and diversity of discourses, genres, narratives, and myths available for use in symbolic expression and interpretation, as well as the possibility of symbolic transformation.

For example, in the communicative event of a mass land meeting, the order of discourse might be constituted of diverse identities (small and large tenants, nationalist politicians, clergy), ideologies (constitutional nationalist, radical nationalist, Catholic), genres (speeches, prayers, heckling, debate), narratives and myths (the Famine, conquest, confiscation, British constitutionalism). Two discursive mechanisms are crucial to symbolic construction and transformation in discrete communicative events and to the formation of new cultural structures as it occurs over time throughout a historical event.

Chapter 2 investigates these critical historical foundations. From there, the book is arranged chronologically. In chapter 3, the discursive analysis begins with the empirical examination of the emergence and development of the land movement in the west of Ireland through 1879. Of particular emphasis is the radical and contentious nature of the early movement discourse and emerging ideology. Chapter 4 examines the dynamics, obstacles, and expansion of the movement during 1880. The analysis of this period includes cultural transformation mediated by contingent and conjunctional conditions and events—horrendous weather and poor harvests— a general election that brought Gladstone and the Liberal party to power and consolidated Parnell’s power, a national Land Conference, and the growing anti-grazier movement that further deepened the animosity between small and large tenant farmers.

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