By Peter G. J. Barten

ISBN-10: 0819434965

ISBN-13: 9780819434968

Examines distinction sensitivity of the human visible system--concerning the eye's skill to tell apart items from one another or from the background--and its results at the image-forming approach. The textual content offers equations for identifying numerous facets of distinction sensitivity, as well as versions (mathematical expressions) that may simply be tailored for useful applications.


- Introduction
- References
- Modulation threshold and noise
- version for the spatial distinction sensitivity of the eye
- Extension of the distinction sensitivity version to extra-foveal vision
- Extension of the distinction sensitivity version to the temporal domain
- impression of nonwhite spatial noise on distinction sensitivity
- distinction discrimination model
- photograph caliber measure
- influence of varied parameters on photograph quality
- Epilogue
- Summary
- Samenvatting
- Acknowledgments
- Curriculum Vitae

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1972) 1-d dyn. 16 Pelli ( 1985) 2-d dyn. 9*) Thomas ( 1985) l-d stat. 0 Legge et ai. ( 1987) 2-d dyn. 5 van Meeteren et ai. (1988) 2-d stat. 5 *) After correction of the spectral density with a factor 2 3 due to the use of a different definition of the spectral noise density. For T, it has been assumed that with a presentation time To of the object and an integration time Te of the eye, the shortest of both has to be used. 45) This expression also holds when To and Te are about equal. 1 sec for nearly allluminance leveis, and only a slightly higher value at very low luminance leveis.

16) Care should be taken in the use of d' values, because d' is not linearly related with the value of z used in Eq. 2). The relation between d' and z can be derived frorn Eqs. 6. ln practice the value d' = 1 is used to characterize the threshold. This value corresponds with p2AFc = 7 6% instead of 75%. For a sinusoidal luminance pattem, the signal strength s is given by the rnodulation m of the lurninance pattem and the threshold signal s0 by the modulation threshold mt at SOOAl probability of detection.

34) For practical reasons this function will simply be called here spectral density, so the additions urelative" and upower" will further be omitted. By using this function, Eq. 35) The spectral density used here is the two-sided defined spectral density (See Legge et al. 1987) contrary to the sometimes used one-sided defined spectral density. From Eq. 36) By introducing Eq. 34) in Eq. 30), one obtains with the aid of Eq. 37) Chapter 2. Modulation threshold and noise 18 For noise, the sarne expressions are validas for a normal image.

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