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Clear this check box to show the new settings after clicking OK. With the Auto Update check box cleared, the Preview button becomes active. 6 Compare the available image equalization methods and choose one that gives you the best visualization of the objects of interest. Equalization settings are stored in the workspace and applied to all projects within the workspace, or are stored within a separate project. In the Options dialog box you can define a default equalization setting. 7 Click the Parameter button to changing the equalizing parameters, if available.

This display renders the surface of the selected image objects in their respective class colors. 1 To display image objects in 3D, click the Window layout button in the 3D Settings toolbar and select the 3D Image Objects button or the Multi-Planar Reprojection button to open the 3D image objects display 39 Definiens eCognition Developer 8 – User Guide 2 Click the Class filter button to open the Edit Classification Filter dialog box and check the boxes beside the classes you want to display. Click OK to display your choices.

Xml in the Life and Tissue folders – if you wish to use this file for another portal, simply copy it into the appropriate folder. Open the xml file using Notepad (or your preferred editor) and look for the following code: Enter the text you want to appear by placing it between the relevant containers, for example: Sample_Text You will need to restart Definiens eCognition Developer 8 to view your changes.

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