By Snying bo Rgyal , R. Solomon Rino

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Drummond, wife ofthe archbishop of York, not been disqualified, Sulivan would have been defeated. 96 Nevertheless, in spite of Sulivan's narrow reelection, Clive achieved his main purpose: his henchman, Thomas Rous, displaced Sulivan as chairman of the court. So close had the issue been, however, that Clive seems to have decided that he could not risk pressing immediately for the reinstatement of John Johnstone. Undeterred by Clive's bad faith, the Johnstone group attempted to secure its end by guileful manipulation of the factions which met in yet another session of the General Court on May 2.

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Deity Men (Asian Highlands Perspectives Vol. 3) by Snying bo Rgyal , R. Solomon Rino

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