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COVID Reopening

V12 Yoga Studio Reopening May 26th and we can’t wait to have you back to our studio!

V12 Yoga Community,

We are truly grateful to finally open our studio for practice on May 26th!
Thanks for all your emails, calls and interest in coming back to the mat! We want you back too!

We are working hard to ensure that we have a clear and safe policy for all to follow and encourage the safest practice at V12 Yoga.

Please read our COVID-19 policy for opening on May 26th and operating during the pandemic below.

Changes in Studio and Classes

  • All Students and instructors/ staff will be asked to have their temperature
    taken with a non- contact thermometer. Any student registering at 99.6 or
    higher will not be allowed to take class. We are encouraging all students NOT
    to attend class if you are feeling sick with any cold like symptoms, fever, body
    aches, etc…
  • All Staff and Students are required to wear a mask in the lobby while speaking
    to students.
  • Class sizes will be limited to the number of mats that fit into the studio while
    maintaining 6ft or more distance between students. This is no more than 20
    people per class. Space will be marked for easy placement.
  • Classes will be spaced out to leave time for proper sanitizing, cleaning and
    safety. Our goal is to keep the studio fresh and safe in the most natural state.
    Our team will be wiping down all surfaces, knobs, bathroom fixtures and
    anything that may be touched while visiting the studio.
  • We will be welcoming our students with open doors (literally), the studio door
    will be open before and after class, to eliminate extra and unnecessary
    touching of surfaces. During class, we will encourage instructors to leave
    studio windows open for practice and air.
  • Instructors will also be teaching from their mat and NOT assisting or making
    any hand adjustments in class.
  • We will no longer be offering props, mats, towels for use. PLEASE BRING
    your own props and mats and take them with you. We will offer cleaner for you
    to wipe down your props and mats after each class. We will have a limited
    number of mats for sale on a first come first serve basis.
  • Students are encouraged to wear socks in studio on mat and masks if they
    feel comfortable
  • Showers will be closed until further notice.

We are asking students to consider the following when entering the studio:

  • Kindly arriving with limited totes, bags, etc. If you can, please leave items in
    your car or at home when possible. Minimal is best.
  • When entering studio, please limit gathering in groups and be mindful of the
    social 6ft distancing guidelines while in lobby.
  • Once you are in studio, please limit standing and walking around, or when
    needing to exit the room, please be conscious of other student’s space.
  • Please fill the spaces furthest from the door first.

Registering for Class

  • ALL Students MUST Pre- Register for class through our online schedule or
  • ALL Classes will start ON TIME and WILL NOT ALLOW students to enter
    after door is locked and class has started. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF TIME

VIRTUAL CLASSES will continue to take place and offered through the V12Yoga
website virtual studio. Please see website for pricing and packages. We would love
for you to join us LIVE and on demand.

We know this is new to us all, but we are very excited to begin this new norm journey with you.
Thank you for your continued love and support of our studio and team. We are truly grateful for
each and every one of you.

With all our love and light,
Veronica & Ade
V12 Yoga