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Fit Couples: Power of Synergy

Fit Couples: Power of Synergy

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I am a firm believer in reading and continuing education.  I find myself attracted to self-help books that help me find discipline in my everyday life and practice.  I also try hard to build a better marriage and partnership with my husband.  I can clearly see the benefits of a couple when it comes to fitness and life.

The power occurs when people come together in harmony to work toward a common goal. The power they generate becomes much greater than the sum of its parts; they are also able to accomplish things beyond the power of one person working alone.

I remind myself everyday that:

One produces two

Two produces three

Three produces a myriad of things!

The third line is where the power kicks in. Three does not produce four; three expands with the unlimited potential of the myriad things. The extra energy seems to have appeared out of thin air, the one common goal, the unity of purpose. (This reference comes from the book The Power of Tao, check it out at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Tao-Power-Leadership-translation/dp/0385196377

Synergy comes from working towards the same goals.  My hubby and I share our goals and write them down to remain focused and supportive. I like to compare this to a “workout” buddy. They are always there to motivate you, hold you accountable and spot you when the weight gets too heavy in life. If you take the same principles and apply them to your relationship, you will see this is much more enjoyable, safe, and eliminates negative thoughts and energy.

Try this workout sometime. You will definitely find synergy and harmony in your relationship.

Love & Light,


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