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Self-Adjust: Stop. Reflect and Release

Self-Adjust: Stop. Reflect and Release

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I am not a religious person by nature, but I do absorb a ton from those around me. Being raised Catholic and now a yogie who has become a Spiritual Gangsta has definitely turned a few heads and raised a few eyebrows. Before yoga, I was living most of my life above the neck.

My life was being driven by my past, family culture and a “Be Good” attitude. My entire life was about “What everyone would think”. Up until my early 30s, I finally took a breath to Stop and Self-Adjust. If you practice yoga, you probably hear your yoga instructor tell you to Stop, gather your breath and self adjust. This is common in class. No matter how experienced you are with your poses or how savvy you are on the mat, you ALWAYS have a day that you need to self-adjust and catch your breath. Just like you should in life.

Most busy city people in Dallas are out there to hustle, keep up and move up. Dallas corporate life is Fierce. We made it that way and love it. But, burning the candle at both ends is a quick way to self-destruction. We all know we cannot lose our self in the hustle. We need to take some time for ourselves and once again, Self-Adjust!

What does V12 Yoga have to do with that? Well, practicing yoga begins a journey to self-reflection and a practice that can guide you to quiet your mind and build inner energy and peace. The process encourages you to reflect and to honor yourself.

Inhale and Pause, exhale and connect more deeply when the going gets tough.

Simple Steps you can take to Self-Adjust:
Stop: Acknowledge your self. Take some time out to focus, meditate, and sit still and breath
Reflect: Imagine your happy self, your calm peaceful self, build gratitude for the simple things that bring you joy.
Release: Exhale and release all those toxins (bad thoughts, negative energy that control your mind, bad habits and bad vibes).

Remember, it’s simple. Energy follows intent.

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