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The Right Puff: Yoga Poses to Open Up Confidence and Improve Posture

The Right Puff: Yoga Poses to Open Up Confidence and Improve Posture

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I named my Yoga Studio “Open Heart” because I wanted to construct a safe space environment for my clients. One where they can create an open, unique and honest space for themselves. But in today’s day and age, the idea of openness sometimes correlates more so to vulnerability rather than safety and community.

In such a digitally driven society, one where we are tied to our desks and glued to our phones, our bodies respond accordingly. We walk around with our heads down, our shoulders slouched and our chests caved and the effects can be toxic. These habits can create chronic pain and add to sense of low self-esteem and can even block energy. However, with the right breathing techniques, we can not only open ourselves up but also help with things like posture and confidence.

The right puff goes a long way. See some easy and fast acting poses that have instantaneous positive effects below.

Fish Pose

For a great line by line explanation, see here.


Upward Facing Dog

This pose is a vinyasa yoga flow staple. For a line by line explanation, see here.


Aligning yourself with a tall and long body helps with attitude and even aging. Pushing yourself to have an open chest, an open mind, and an open heart can be a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it.

Enjoy your next puff!

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