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Yoga 101: Your Love Affair with Yoga Begins July 7th!

Yoga 101: Your Love Affair with Yoga Begins July 7th!

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The ease of finding your space on the mat.

I think the most popular question people ask me once I tell them about V12 Yoga is “Can I come to a class even if I am not flexible or have never done Yoga?” My answer is Yes! Everything is learned by taking the first step. Everyone has to start somewhere and the mat is just one of those places that is all yours and comes with no judgment. V12 Yoga classes allow you to come as you are and learn as you go. The flow offers modifications and options to just sit and be you.

Just a few things to keep in mind when practicing yoga:

All the poses are for you, they are not learned overnight and have modifications for all.  Some people spend many years learning and practicing a pose that looks easy to others.  Take a look at these few poses that are easy to learn at home. http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/videos/m/32072102/sun-salutation-variation-1.htm

Leave your expectations at the door. No matter what you have heard or seen on TV or YouTube, Yoga is only your practice and offers you the best of your energy and those around you. Most people go into practice with ideas of what they have seen or what other people tell them how they will feel, but honestly, the gift is in DOING.

Yoga is all about the breath. Your breath is the most powerful energy that you can take in (besides LOVE) that will change the way you feel and view yoga. The flow of breath is the flow of life. We take our first inhalation when we are born and our last exhalation in the final days of life. A fluid breath is a connection and exchange with the universe. Your body is refreshed and your energy is refreshed as well as the intentions, desires, and creativity of your mind. – See more at: http://www.yogitimes.com/article/healing-power-of-breath-Pranayama-quiets-balances-focuses-body-mind/#sthash.GduHTpZ8.dpuf

Have Fun! Some of the best things you can do are have fun in your practice and laugh and learn. Love yourself and your body. The reward of trying it out will always be greater than not trying at all.

Here are more helpful links to read about beginners Yoga.



This is my Yoga Crush Studio in NY. Check out Lauren and her flow.


The Doors to V12 Yoga Studio open Monday, July 7th. To Sign Up for a class click here: Book Now

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