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Science of Yoga

Yoga in cardiac health (A Review) by Satyajit R. Jayasinghe, European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, August 27th, 2004. – “…it is fair to conclude that yoga can be beneficial in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and that it can play a primary or a complementary role in this regard”

The Acute Effects of Vinyasa Flow Yoga on Arterial Stiffness by Alexander Aaron Pina, Texas State University Digital Library, July 23rd, 2019. – “These results highlight the efficacy of a single bout of hatha yoga in improving central and peripheral indicators of arterial stiffness and provide insight into the potential effects of yoga in mediating [Cardiovascular Disease] CVD risk.”


Yoga in the Media

Yoga is the Most Popular Fitness Activity in Most U.S. States – A map showing in which states in the USA Yoga is the most popular fitness activity.

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